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The world is full of unknown followers of Jesus. These 'nameless' Christians don't seek recognition or praise; they are not driven by selfish ambition, popularity, or the desire to build their own empire. These believers are ordinary, uncomplicated, and devoted. Today, these like-minded believers, from all around the world, are connecting with each other. They are developing fellowships, churches, and communities. ‘Nameless’ communities exist across the globe: They are churches, ministries, and gatherings of friends. These 'nameless' believers see beyond denominations, ethnicities, languages, and borders. Nameless, Inc. in a non-profit organization that seeks to connect ‘nameless’ believers and foster a sense of family among the global church.

What is Nameless, Inc.?

Nameless is working on creative ways to link the body of Christ together! We want to give you a place to belong, share your story, and be a part of a much bigger family. We are creating a network of people and communities throughout the world. Our aim is to link one another through media, events, and fellowship. More details are coming soon! We are also launching several 'high impact projects', the first of which--Global South Education Initiative--will raise money to provide opportunities in education for students in developing nations.

Our First High-Impact Project!

The center of Christianity has relocated from Europe and North America to the countries of the Global South. In these nations, evangelism and revival coincide with developing markets, governmental restructuring, and new frontiers of opportunities. The nations of the Global South are emerging into power players on the world stage and we have an extraordinary opportunity to invest in the leaders of tomorrow. Nameless, Inc. presents our first high-impact project, the Global South Education Initiative: a program designed to financially support Christian students seeking a university education in developing nations. Considering partnering with Nameless, Inc. to make dreams come true for our students. 

Become a partner with us! Consider making a donation to Nameless, Inc. and our Global South Education Initiative (GSEI). Your contributions will help secure education opportunities for promising students around the world. Invest in lives and communities through the GSEI.




Let's get in touch!

We want to connect with you soon! You can easily become a part of Nameless, Inc. through our social networks, or by filling out the form below. We also appreciate your prayers and financial support. Our online donation platforms, Cheergive and Paypal, make giving to Nameless, Inc. very easy. Please consider becoming a financial supporter of the ministries of Nameless, Inc. We are taking on some challenging projects and your help makes success possible.

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